First and for most Yoke Art is about creating a family of artist.  Connecting artist of all shapes, sizes and colors giving artist from all corners of the world opportunities to collaborate on projects.  Being able to climb creative mountains and create something you couldn't do by your self. All of Yokes artist are passionate about what they produced, and believe “enjoy what you do.”

The “Anything and Everything Idea” is based on having creative thoughts and being able to execute that idea by, making everyone satisfied visually and on the same page conceptually.  People have crazy ideas, lucky we have crazy artist.

The idea behind the album art revolved around the band wanting the art to be based on objects that make up the world and time traveling.  Due to there new album “ Throne To The Wolves ” musically going in such a different direction, they wanted there image to do the same. 

The idea for the headdress works by the top half representing the riches of life.  Money, Vibrate colors and other exotic treats.  Then as the rest of the collection of objects cascades down in death and decay.

The sculpture was created by Thomson Moore and made from . . .

- Old mans face Late 50's found in a dumpster eating and liven life resourcefully.

- Exotic feathers from different regions of the world

- Foreign currency from over 7 different countries

- Computer mother boards from the inside of different consumer products such as calculators,

  digital clocks-radios-etc.

- Wires for running electricity

- Collection of numbers from different products, buttons, digital interfaces, speakers

- Beads

- Rattle snake rattler 

- Bullet casings

- Rabbit Fur covered in tar

- Different bones from different species of animals, seal jaw bone with teeth, vertebra from turtles,

  chicken bones, bird skull, teeth from cows and pigs

- USB and fire wire cords, electric plugs, cell phone chargers,  monitor chords

- Burnt flowers

- Tree limbs and burned vines

The narrative photography was constructed by Andrew Brodhead.  The band portrait  started with the idea of time traveling.  The band wanted to be depicted coming through some type of wall or membrane from a unknown source to

The girl in the middle of the room was constructed from several ideas, such as a Lord Of the Flies  reference, after one of the songs on the album, self sacrifice and life and death.


All Graphic design and layout created by Guy Flagg

Andrew Brodhead - Photography

Guy Flagg - Graphic Design

Thomson Moore - Sculpture